Glasses, sport and safety!

With Summer sports soon to start it is important to consider the safety of your child if they are playing sports with glasses on.

Glasses can cause considerable injuries to the face/eye area if hit during sport. Many lenses are also not rated for a high enough impact, meaning the lens itself can also crack and potentially cause eye injuries. There are a few options available for good vision that is also safe, for playing sports like basketball, tennis, hockey, cricket and football.

1. Sports goggles – sports goggles have padding around the eye area to ensure damage is not caused during impact. They also have high impact rated lenses which will not shatter/break if hit with a ball.

2. Contact lenses – contact lenses provide clear, unobstructed vision that is perfect for sports. They will not fog up (like glasses/goggles can), and they are more comfortable to wear (no glasses slipping down!). Kids as young as 8 can easily wear contact lenses – and from only $3/pair they are very affordable.

Drop in store to talk to our team about contact lenses or sports goggles and play safe this Summer!