School Vision Screenings

Did you know we have started a new FREE community service to our local schools?

We are offering FREE vision screening clinics, held at the schools for all Year 1 students.

We would like to offer this service because basic screenings are done by health nurses during Kindy, however vision can change as the child grows, and sometimes vision problems are missed. Good vision is an important factor in a child learning, we can also provide some fact sheets for teachers and parents on vision and learning.

To conduct the screening clinic, our Qualified Optometrist and staff will visit your child’s school and provide basic acuities testing to all children. Any children identified as requiring further examination will be provided with a parent referral letter to visit our Optometrist in store for a full eye examination. The full vision test (at the store) will be bulk billed to Medicare, the parent with also receive a special offer for glasses if their child requires them.

There is no cost to the school or the parents and no obligation.

Would you be interested in your child’s school having a screening? Please get in contact with us on 9796 1966 or email